Systems Control

The Systems Control Group does basic and applied research in control engineering. The wide variety of research topics is illustrated by the following recent projects: the development of a magnetic levitation experiment and the application of nonlinear control theory; output stabilization and maneuver regulation; optimal control of optical communication networks using game-theoretic methods; optical CDMA systems with dynamic code allocation; distributed control of autonomous agents, including formation control of networks of mobile robots; hybrid system theory, that is, dynamical systems with logic-based controllers; the decentralized control of a platoon of vehicles; control of systems subject to unanticipated extreme perturbations; time-optimal control of the pendulum and control of multi-link pendula; the design of fault tolerant control systems; the control of timed discrete event systems using binary decision diagrams; the analysis and design of a watermarking algorithm for improved resistance to compression; control design for systems involving communication networks with limited bandwidth.

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