ECE Celebrates…

ECE Celebrates...


Professor Andreas Veneris

Winner of a Distinguished Paper Award from the IEEE International Conference on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency 2022 for co-authoring "LMPTs: Eliminating Storage Bottlenecks for Processing Blockchain Transactions"

Professor Andreas Veneris

Alumna Pirathayini Srikantha

Awarded the 2022 Engineering Medal for the Young Professional by the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) for her achievements in power engineering and her excellence in the field and community

Alumna Pirathayini Srikantha

Professor Amr Helmy

Selected for a second term as one of six Distinguished Lecturers for the Photonics Society to represent the photonics field within IEEE. The selection considers the impact in his field of research and public speaking acumen and is based on his work on nanophotonics and hybrid plasmonics for CMOS classical and quantum connectivity, as well as the noise/loss resilience of practical quantum enhanced LIDAR systems

Professor Amr Helmy

Professor Wei Yu and former ECE postdoctoral fellow Liang Liu

Winners of the 2021 IEEE Signal Processing Society Best Paper Award for "Massive Connectivity With Massive MIMO—Part I: Device Activity Detection and Channel Estimation"

Professor Professor Wei Yu and former ECE postdoctoral fellow Liang Liu

Alumnus Kaiming Shen

Winner of the 2021 IEEE Signal Processing Society Young Author Best Paper Award (supervised by Professor Wei Yu) for "Fractional Programming for Communication Systems—Part I: Power Control and Beamforming"

Alumnus Kaiming Shen

ECE PhD candidate Shashwat Sharma

Winner of a Best Student Paper Award (supervised by Professor Piero Triverio) from the 2022 European Conference on Antennas and Propagation for “A Broadband Potential-Based Boundary Element Method for Modeling Electromagnetic Scattering from Dielectrics and Conductors”

ECE PhD candidate Shashwat Sharma

Professor Hoi-Kwong Lo

Named among the most productive and impactful authors of publications on quantum cryptography (Read story)

Professor Hoi-Kwong Lo

Professor Emeritus Keigo Iizuka 

For his book Engineering Optics, which BookAuthority ranks as number three in the top 100 optics books, based on recommendations by thought leaders and experts.

Professor Emeritus Keigo Iizuka

Zachary Jager LaPointe and Joshua Aikohi Pius (both Year 4 ECE)

Winners of the University of Toronto Student Leadership Award (UTSLA) (Read story)

Zachary Jager LaPointe and Joshua Aikohi Pius

Professor Ervin Sejdić

Winner of Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) project funding for 'Computational biomarkers indicative of swallowing and gait functional declines' (Read story)


Professor Nicolas Papernot

Winner of the 2022 Sloan Research Fellowship on the area of 'Computer Science' (Read story)

Nicolas Papernot (ECE) is among the recipients of this year’s Connaught New Researcher Awards. (Photo: Nicolas Papernot)

Professor Piero Triverio and ECE PhD candidate Shashwat Sharma

Winner of  2021 Piergiorgio L. E. Uslenghi Letters Prize Paper Award from the IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society

Professor Piero Triverio and ECE PhD candidate Shashwat Sharma

ECE PhD candidate Mohammad Yaghini

Winner of a 2022 Meta PhD Research Fellowship in the area of 'Security and Privacy'

ECE PhD candidate Mohammad Yaghini

Professors Tony Chan Carusone and Joyce Poon

Named Fellows of the IEEE (Read story) 

Professors Tony Chan Carusone and Joyce Poon

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