Skule™ Talks

Whether you’ve just graduated or haven’t designed a circuit in 30 years, stress-free Skule™ Talks are an accessible way to catch up on the ideas that matter to today’s electrical and computer engineering thinkers — short videos on the big questions in fields from wearable tech to smart-grid security and more.

Surath Gomis

"Q-tipping Point: Using Electrical Signals for a Rapid COVID-19 Test"

Researchers at ECE are part of a transdisciplinary team that has developed a rapid diagnostic COVID-19 test to replace the nasal swab. The technique is fast, reagent-free and non-invasive. ECE PhD candidate Surath Gomis speaks about this new test's sensing platform as well as the current state of testing and how engineering strategies can develop rapid diagnostic tools to help manage public health.

Transcript of Surath Gomis's Skule™ Talk

Professor Nicolas Papernot
Why is my panda a gibbon? Making machine learning secure and trustworthy.

Machine learning is pervasive: from the translation feature of our phones to the boarding pass checks of airport gates — but individuals often have little understanding or awareness of how data is being analyzed and why. It’s no surprise that machine learning models have been called “black-boxes” but do we understand what’s behind the magic?

Transcript of Nicholas Papernot’s Skule Talk

Professors David Lie and Lisa Austin
OK Google, who is collecting my data and why?

Professor David Lie and Professor Lisa Austin from the Faculty of Law are collaborating to tackle privacy issues where technology and law meet. In this talk, Professors Lie and Austin discuss their Information Technology, Transparency and Transformation (IT3) Lab that was established to create new technologies and practices that address the data-transparency divide.

Transcript of David Lie & Lisa Austin's Skule Talk

Professor Joyce Poon
Beyond Moore’s Law: Light, Brain, and Computing

Professor Joyce Poon speaks on the end of Moore’s Law and how this opens up new opportunities for unconventional microsystems and nanodevices that can fundamentally transform computing over the next 10 to 20 years. In this talk, Professor Poon discusses her research on enabling new types of brain-inspired (i.e., neuromorphic) computing systems and interfaces to the brain.

Transcript of Joyce Poon’s Skule Talk

Professor Milos Popovic
Neuroplasticity: Overcoming Paralysis Using Neuroprostheses

Professor Milos Popovic speaks about neuromodulation, whereby implanted electrical devices stimulate areas of the nervous system to relieve symptoms and treat complex neurological disorders. In this talk, Popovic speaks about a neuroprosthetic application that is aimed at restoring voluntary hand function after severe stroke and spinal cord injury — and how electrical and computer engineers can help to tackle some of medicine’s most difficult neurological challenges.

Transcript of Milos Popovic's Skule Talk

Professor Jonathan Rose
Creative Applications for Mobile Devices

Professor Rose talks about the explosion of creativity made possible by the computers we all carry around in our pockets. His interdisciplinary work on unexpected applications for smartphones and tablets solves problems in a huge range of fields-from treating addiction and mental illness, to improving the classroom experience for easily distracted students, and testing your eyes for macular degeneration at home.

Transcript of Jonathan Rose's Skule Talk

Professor Deepa Kundur
Cyber-Physical Security

Systems we rely on every day, from banking to power generation and distribution, are getting 'smarter'—but introducing this extra layer of connectivity is not without risk. Professor Kundur discusses the security weaknesses that emerge when our physical infrastructure becomes cyber-enabled, and what we can do to protect it. Her research models complex systems and aims to identify potential security flaws before they cause a crisis.

Transcript of Deepa Kundur's Skule Talk

Bobby John
Building Something from Nothing

Software entrepreneur and ECE alumnus Bobby John talks about how as a fourth-year student, he and a few friends created an enterprise with $1 million in business, using just their brains and computers at home. Since then he's gone serial, founding four companies including his latest, Band of Coders. Hear his story.

Transcript of Bobby John's Skule Talk

Professor Steve Mann
Wearable Computing, Alethiometric, and Actional Systems

ECE Professor Steve Mann, widely recognized as the father of wearable computing, speaks about the evolution of his EyeTap digital glass system, which he designed and built decades before wearable computing entered the mainstream. Mann shares lessons learned from 35 years at the leading edge of wearable computing and augmediated reality, and gives a glimpse of his three new research directions.

Transcript of Steve Mann's Skule Talk

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