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Professor Li Qian
Professor Li Qian
Alumnus Yongle Zhang
Alumnus Yongle Zhang

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Alumnus Prashant Vasudeva

Alumnus Prashant Vasudeva

In 2021, Prashant Vasudeva (CompE 0T2) founded Graffiti Alley Ice Cream in Toronto, which makes nature-derived premium ice cream without refined sugar.

Your career path seems to have a surprise twist — in ice cream! How did you get there?

My path has been long and winding. I’ve done so many jobs. In first year I started a business assembling and selling computers with a classmate. After graduation I joined Hydro One as a Systems Admin for a system that helped restore power to areas experiencing outages. Later, I worked as Systems Architect and helped design the smart meter network in Ontario. Later still, as a software engineer, I worked for a food manufacturer to implement ERP solutions.

This all seems a world away from ice cream! However, engineering equipped me with the analytical skills that have been key to analyzing and overcoming seemingly daunting challenges. The most important thing I've learned is that every complex problem is merely a collection of simpler problems that can be solved by applying first principles — though you don't need to solve every problem entirely by yourself! People will surprise you with how helpful they can be when you share your challenges. Check out Graffiti Alley Ice Cream.

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As the top-ranked electrical and computer engineering program in Canada, we are positioned to offer students state-of-the-art facilities, a faculty with extensive research and scholarly activity, and a flexible curriculum with a wide range of courses. In 2020-21, we had upwards of:

  • 1,450 students
  • 300 undergraduate degrees conferred
  • 70% of students in the Professional Experience Year Co-op Program
  • A student-to-faculty ratio of 15:1
  • 33% women students

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Our graduate programs — Master of Engineering (MEng), Master of Applied Science (MASc) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) — introduce students to cutting-edge knowledge, guided by our world-renowned faculty. Students go on to careers in many fields, not only in engineering and academia but also in business, medicine, law and others. In 2020-21, we had upwards of:

  • 28 NSERC and CIHR graduate student award recipients
  • 15 spinoffs formed from ECE research over the past 5 years
  • $31 million in research operating funding
  • 9 of 10 ECE invention disclosures that included a student inventor

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Engineering methods to improve and sustain human health


Digital/analog devices, and integrated circuits and systems


Communication networks, digital communication and signal processing

Energy Systems

The generation, transmission and utilization of electrical energy  

Computer Engineering

Design, implementation and use of software and hardware


The physical science of light, from theoretical studies to technology


Electromagnetic field theory and measurement

Systems Control

Wide variety of basic and applied control engineering

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