Graduate Studies

Welcome to Graduate Studies in the Edward S. Rogers Sr. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

During the past few decades, we have witnessed exciting new discoveries and developments in almost every aspect of electrical and computer engineering, including microelectronics, computers, communication networks, photonics, alternative energy systems and many others. The fields of computers and communications are coalescing and leading to opportunities that are limited only by our imagination. Along with these highly visible developments, there are equally impressive achievements in building the theoretical underpinnings of the respective areas of knowledge. Graduate studies provide the highly-qualified individuals who are the life-blood of the research leading to these advances.

We are proud of the many awards, fellowships and other forms of recognition that members of the Department have received. Among our faculty, including Professors Emeriti, there are more than twenty IEEE Fellows (the highest level of recognition awarded by the IEEE), two University Professors (the highest honour given by the University of Toronto) and numerous endowed Chairs and Canada Research Chairs. Five recent Ph.D. theses received top awards including two NSERC Doctoral Prizes, two CATA Awards in microelectronics and telecommunications hardware, and the Doug Colton Medal.