The Edward S. Rogers Sr. Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) consistently ranks among the top in North America. It attracts outstanding students, has excellent research and teaching facilities, and is ideally located in the middle of Toronto, a vibrant cosmopolitan city. We have an outstanding faculty of more than 75 professors in biomedical, computer, communications, electromagnetics, electronics, energy systems, photonics and systems control; many of our members are international leaders in their fields. We have a new flexible undergraduate degree curriculum and an outstanding funding program for graduate students and research. We invite you to explore ECE online and in person.

Recent News

The multi-faceted Alberto Leon-Garcia

A theorist who builds things, an entrepreneur and a high-school drop-out, the ECE professor is this year’s recipient of the Engineering Institute of Canada’s Julian C. Smith Medal

ChipCare’s portable HIV blood-testing device readies for market with $5 million in funding

Global health venture spun out of ECE Professor Stewart Aitchison's lab wins millions above target for field-testing its technology

Smarter cities for India: U of T Engineering professors build new partnerships

Indian Prime Minister plans to build 100 smart cities in the country

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