High speed circuit.

Electromagnetics of High-Speed Circuits

  • Signal integrity in high-speed digital systems
  • Microwave integrated circuit design, modeling and characterization

ResearchersEleftheriades, G., Sarris, C., Triverio, P.

Antenna for telecommunications.

Antennas for Telecommunication and Wireless Systems

  • Wave electronics; integrated, active, MEMS reconfigurable antennas
  • Controlled-beam antennas
  • Adaptive and diversity antennas
  • Ultra-wideband antenna arrays
  • Electronically tunable reflectarrays and reconfigurable reflecting surfaces
  • Terahertz antennas

Researchers: Eleftheriades, G., Hum, S.

Metamaterial layer.


  • Negative Refraction Media, Transmission-line Metamaterials
  • Negative-Refractive-Index Tranmission-Line (NRI-TL) Metamaterials
  • RF/microwave components using metamaterials
  • Small metamaterial antennas, focusing and imaging with super-resolution
  • Nanostructured and plasmonic metamaterials, metamaterial modeling

ResearchersEleftheriades, G., Mojahedi, M., Sarris, C.

Computational electrogmagnetic model.

Computational Electromagnetics

  • Computer-aided solution of integral and differential equations
  • Method of moments; finite elements; boundary elements
  • Finite-Difference Time-Domain, Multiresolution Time-Domain
  • Higher order, mesh adaptive techniques
  • Wireless channel modeling

Researchers: Sarris, C., Triverio, P.

Electromagnetic compatibility diagram.

Electromagnetic Compatibility

  • Compatibility of wireline and wireless communication systems
  • Susceptibility/immunity of digital circuits; stress testing Electrostatic arc discharges

Researchers: Sarris, C., Triverio, P.