Industry Partners

An invitation to discover, collaborate, and innovate

The Edward S. Rogers Sr. Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) at U of T is open for business: as engineering researchers, we are passionate about transforming our discoveries into innovations – new processes and products for industry. We invite partnership with industry in order to help make our research relevant, and to create avenues for impact – societal, economic, global.

Researchers in ECE already partner with over sixty industry funders and collaborators. We are enormously proud of the 27 start ups that have spun out from our research. We collaborate intensively with other research leaders in government and academia around the globe.

Research features centrally in the work and reputation of the ECE department at U of T Engineering. Recently the Times Higher Education World University Rankings placed engineering at U of T eighth worldwide, and fifth in North America alongside MIT, Berkeley, Stanford, and Caltech. Internationally, our peers are Cambridge, Tokyo, and Imperial College. Key factors in these rankings include the impact of our work on other researchers, and our reputation among research leaders internationally.

We identify areas of particular strategic importance to global industry and society, and pull together major efforts to address these important problems. Initiatives include:

  • our focus on the SmartGrid, the electrical grid that seamlessly incorporates renewables such as wind and solar, and uses the latest technology to improve the efficiency, importance, reliability, economics, and sustainability of electricity services. This initiative leverages our strengths in energy systems, systems control, algorithms, optimization, security, communications, networking, electronics and photonics;
  • our emphasis on the technological, economic, and social dimensions of security and privacy in the mobile ecosystem and the emerging cloud;
  • our strategy to bring electrical and computer engineering expertise to important problems in biomedical engineering and medical devices, uniting expertise in sensors and stimuli, low-noise and low-power electronics, systems-on-chip, signal processing, systems control, optoelectronics and computing.

ECE seeks to make a global impact, benefiting Canada and the world through advances that improve quality of life.

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