MASc Course Requirements

  • MASc students must complete five approved technical graduate courses for the degree.
  • All courses required for the degree must be completed within the first 12 months of program registration.
  • Undergraduate courses, TEP-prefixed courses, APS-prefixed courses, and courses intended for M.Eng. students only are not acceptable for MASc degree credit.
  • Students in the Biomedical Collaborative program must:
    • complete at least two ECE or JEB graduate courses for the degree.
    • satisfy the requirements for both ECE and the Collaborative program.
  • MASc students may complete an optional emphasis in “Robotics and Mechatronics” or “Sustainable Energy” as part of their degree program. Students who complete an emphasis will receive a corresponding notation on their transcript. The detailed requirements for each emphasis are listed under the “Electrical and Computer Engineering: Electrical and Computer Engineering MASc, MEng, PhD Emphases” section of ECE’s page in the SGS Calendar.
  • Students may wish to review the policy on extra courses.