Connected Vehicles and Smart Transportation (CVST)

CVST logo.

Connected Vehicles and Smart Transportation (CVST) is an ORF-funded university-industry-government partnership. The goal of the CVST project is to build a flexible and open application platform that integrates advanced wireless and sensor communications with mobile computing techniques in a cloud-based infrastructure. This platform can be used to create pervasive smart management applications to improve the safety and efficiency of public transportation. To this end, CVST builds a sophisticated data processing middleware to account for one of the major challenges in ITS systems, data mining to assist smart applications. The CVST platform is also intended to support novel applications that assist users with their travel decision-making.


CVST project is launched to help tackle existing challenges in Intelligent Transportation Networks (ITS) by means of smart infrastructure to create connected vehicles. In a high-level view, the project tries to achieve three major objectives:

  • Objective 1: To create an open and flexible applications platform for CVST systems that leverages emerging and future sensor, wireless communications, and cloud computing technologies.
  • Objective 2: To create large-scale smart management applications on the CVST platform that will improve safety and efficiency in the publicly-operated intelligent transportation systems and promote sustainable and green transportation.
  • Objective 3: To create and develop novel applications that leverage the CVST platform and that can be offered by the private sector for connected vehicle environments.


CVST Portal: Live integrated traffic information for the GTHA