Frequently Asked Questions

Please review the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

    1. In order for an applicant to receive an offer of admission to the M.A.Sc. or Ph.D. program a faculty member must select them to become a student under their supervision (i.e. there is no general admission to either program).  Professors will have access to all complete ECE WEB SYSTEM applications immediately following the application deadline; professors who are looking for new students will browse and/or search the ECE WEB SYSTEM to find applications they are interested in pursuing.  We recommend including the name(s) of the professor(s) you would be interested in working with in your statement of intent.
      • While it is not necessary, prospective students are free to contact professors who they would be interested in working with.  The ECE faculty directory is available at; a list of faculty by research field is available at  Many professors provide guidelines for prospective students on their webpages – please carefully review a professor’s webpage before contacting them.
      • Many professors are not able to respond to prospective students.  If you do not hear back from the professor(s) you have contacted, it does not necessarily mean that you should not apply/that you will not receive an offer of admission.  Some faculty members begin selecting their graduate students only after the application deadline.
    2. After an application becomes complete the applicant will be notified immediately, via e-mail, concerning any change to the status of their application, such as an invitation for interview, offer of admission, or notice of unsuccessful application. Interim updates will not be provided.
    3. If an applicant needs to change one or both of their referees after they submit their ECE WEB SYSTEM application, they should email the following to the ECE Graduate Office:
      • The name of the referee to be removed
      • The following details for the new referee:
        • First name
        • Last name
        • Email address
        • Title
        • Organization affiliated with
        • Phone number
        • Web URL
    4. Although the SGS minimum eligibility requirement for admission to a Master’s program is a mid-B average in the final year of the Bachelor’s degree, ECE will consider only those applicants with outstanding academic records and references. Typically an overall 4-year average of at least A- is required for an applicant to be competitive. Students with academic records equal to or below the minimum eligibility requirement are strongly discouraged from applying.
    5. Proof of English language proficiency is required for applicants who will not have completed a degree in certain exempted countries prior to commencing their studies at the University of Toronto. An institution’s language of instruction will not be accepted as proof of English language proficiency.
      • ECE is unable to consider any applicant who does not satisfy at least the minimum English language proficiency requirement. Proof of English language proficiency must be satisfied before submitting an application.
      • English language proficiency scores must not be older than two years at the time of application.
    6. A GRE score is not required. However, applicants who have taken the GRE may enter their scores on the ECE WEB SYSTEM.
    7. Applicants should review the main distinctions between the M.A.Sc. and M.Eng. programs prior to applying. Applicants do not need to submit two separate applications if they would like to apply for both the M.A.Sc. and M.Eng. programs. To apply for both programs, (1) complete an application for the M.A.Sc. program and (2) check the box on the ECE WEB SYSTEM that indicates you are also interested in the M.Eng. program. Checking the box will not lower your chances of receiving a M.A.Sc. offer.
    8. There is only one M.Eng. program, however, it can be pursued via three different delivery options.  For details on the three options, please review  When applying to the M.Eng. program, neither the start date nor the delivery option that the applicant chooses has any impact on the admission decision.  When admission to the M.Eng. program is offered, the applicant will be provided with the opportunity to choose either a September or January start date and their preferred delivery option (regardless of the preferences stated in the original application).
    9. It is common for students to apply to our Master’s programs before they have finished the final year of their undergraduate degree. In such a case, should the applicant’s application be successful, they would be offered admission on the condition that they complete their Bachelor’s degree with the required minimum average before commencing their Master’s program. We understand that when an applicant applies not all of the grades from their final year will be available – the applicant should provide us with the most up to date information available at the time they submit their application.
    10. All applicants must pay the $120.00 SGS application fee. Under no circumstances will the fee be waived, refunded or transferred.
    11. The application procedure is the same for both new and continuing students. Students currently registered at the University of Toronto or another university must pay the application fee and follow the application instructions.
    12. Information on our current fees can be found at; all fees listed are per year. Please note that fees often rise each academic year. For information about living and other expenses, please visit
      • All individuals who are offered admission to our M.A.Sc. & Ph.D. programs automatically receive a funding package – for details please visit
      • Students in the M.Eng. program typically self-fund their educational expenses through a variety of programs including student loans (e.g. OSAP), student line of credit, and employment income.
      • International students may want to apply for scholarships that can offset some or all of the cost of their education.  The Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering maintains a list of potential opportunities at
      • Students registered in a full-time or extended full-time program may apply for a teaching assistantship. Effective September 2019, the hourly rate of pay will be $45.33 CAD, plus 4% vacation pay. Students who hold a teaching assistantship typically work 60 hours in a session. Please note that teaching assistantships are allocated on a competitive basis and students are not guaranteed to receive a teaching assistantship. Please visit for more information.
      • Information on major Canadian and Ontario government scholarships can be found on
      • General information about funding your graduate education can be found on Prospective students may also wish to use the University of Toronto’s Financial Planning Calculator:
    13. The ECE Department is subdivided into eight research fields/fields of specialization. For detailed information about a particular field, applicants can explore the field’s homepage ( and Annum. When submitting an application, all applicants must declare interest in at least one research field/field of specialization.
    14. Prospective M.A.Sc. and Ph.D. students are encouraged to review U of T’s Graduate Supervision Guidelines: