NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards


General Eligibility Requirements:

Students must be a Canadian citizen or a Permanent resident.

  1. Our awards are open to Domestic and Permanent Resident Second and Third Year students in the first instance. 4th year students who wish to apply and will be starting graduate studies in the fall may be considered after 2nd and 3rd year applicants. PEY Co-op students can also apply for the award if they can start doing research May 1, 2018.  First year students are not eligible to apply (see Research Services FAQs).  Engineering Science students in the relevant disciplines and years may also apply for these awards.
  2. Must have obtained a cumulative standing of at least second class (B or 73-76%) in their previous years of university study.
  3. The total value of this award is $5,625 ($4500 from NSERC and a supervisory top up of $1125).  The duration of the work term is 16 weeks  (May 1 to August 21, 2018, inclusive). Students must be able to commit to work the full 16 consecutive weeks. It is considered to be full time work by NSERC with no provision for vacation time.

APPLICATION PROCEDURES (Please read the following documents/information carefully):

The application form (Form 202 Parts 1 and 2) is to be completed on-line via the following link:

Applicants MUST complete Part 1 (Personal Data) of the application form. A copy of your official transcript including your Fall term 2017 results, must be requested through ACORN (from the Transcript Office, 100 St. George Street, Room 1006).  Do not address the transcript to your home address.  All transcripts MUST be forwarded directly to the address below:

Electrical and Computer Eng UG Office
Room 600, Sandford Fleming Bldg, Basement
10 King’s College Road, M5S 3G4

  1. The applicant must work under the supervision of an ECE Faculty member who holds an NSERC Research grant at the time the application is completed, or when the applicant takes up the award. Applicants must find their own ECE Research Supervisor.  The best place to start is to review what our Faculty members are working on via the ECE Research website.  Please contact the Research Supervisors directly to determine whether they can sponsor your application and send them your resume and academic record.
  2. The Reference number generated when completing the on-line application must be forwarded to your Research Supervisor to complete Part 2 on-line.  Once Part 2 has been completed, the applicant must bring a printed copy of the entire application (Parts 1 and 2) to the Undergraduate Studies Office, SF600.
  3. Your completed application (Form 202 Parts 1 and 2 and Official Transcript) must be accompanied by a signed copy of the Student-Supervisor Certification Form (see link below).  This replaces the signatures that were formerly required on the Parts 1 and 2.
  4. Research Supervisors should contact Jayne Leake (jayne.leake@utoronto.ca) to confirm that their RGPIN number is correct before inputting it on their Form 202, Part 2. 

To summarize, a complete NSERC USRA application will include the following:

  1. Form 202 Part 1 – Student
  2. Form 202 Part 2 – Supervisor
  3. Signed Student-Professor NSERC USRA Certification Form
  4. Official Transcript

Department Application Deadline:       FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 2018

NSERC USRA Nominees will be contacted after our applications have been submitted to the Office of Research Services (by March 12, 2018).   A wait list will be created of those applicants who were not originally nominated should any award become available.