Awards & Scholarships


NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA)

  • 2021 Application Period: February 9, 2021 – March 15, 2021. DEADLINE: March 15, 2021

University of Toronto Excellence Award (UTEA)

  • 2021 Application Period: March 5, 2021 – March 23, 2021. DEADLINE: March 23, 2021

Faculty Undergraduate Summer Research Awards

  • 2021 Application Period: March 26, 2021 – April 12, 2021. DEADLINE: April 12, 2021


Students must find their own Research Supervisor.  The best place to start is to review what our ECE Faculty members are working on via the ECE Research website.  Please contact the Research Supervisors directly to determine whether they can sponsor your application and send them your CV and academic record.

Summer research awards are full time opportunities that begin in May and end in August.  As such, students may apply to multiple awards but are only allowed to take up one award should they be nominated for multiple.  Students cannot take up an award while on PEY; PEY placements must end before the award start date or begin after the award end date.

FAQs – Summer Research Awards

Showcasing your Summer Research

An Undergraduate Engineering Research Day (UnERD) is held each August.  “UnERD is a research conference that gives undergraduate students an opportunity to showcase their summer research and receive recognition to highlight their accomplishments.”  More information can be found here:



For information on scholarships, please visit ePortfolios are live from September to June: the deadline to update your ePortfolio is June 7th.


If you have questions, please contact or call 416-978-3145.