600 Hours Practical Experience

Practical Experience Requirement (PER) – 600 Hours

As per the Faculty regulation, a minimum of 600 hours of practical work experience must be completed before graduation. Refer to the Practical Experience Requirement entry in the Academic Calendar.  In order to claim your hours for practical experience, ECE students must complete the form and submit it in to the Undergraduate Office, SFB600.

Download the Practical Experience Requirement form [PDF] .  This form will identify you and will provide the name of your employer, your direct manager, hours worked and a detailed job description filled out by you.

**You must provide enough technical detail on the work you did. A high-level job description is inadequate. Be specific. You must also include your supervisor’s business card.**

There is a form you will need to fill out and have signed by your supervisor if you intend on taking courses during your PEY Co-op work term. This form can be found on the career portal under the resources section.

PER FORM DUE:  If you do not submit your 600 hours forms by the first week of January of your graduating year, you will not be eligible to participate in the Iron Ring ceremony and may not be eligible to graduate in June!

PEY Co-op Students

Students registered with PEY Co-op must submit a PEY Co-op Final Report.  Students who do not submit this will not receive the non-academic Credit for the PEY Co-op program.  Credit for PEY Co-op is required in order to be eligible for the Iron Ring Ceremony as well as Convocation.  Please refer to the PEY Co-op website for information on what should be included on your final report as well as how it should be submitted.  Click here for additional PEY Co-op info.

PEY CO-OP REPORT DUE:  Reports should be submitted by the end of August before your 4th year to ensure processing for the credit.