Professional Experience Year Co-op Program (PEY Co-op)

The Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering offers this unique 12 to 16-month, internship program to students who wish to gain industrial experience between their 3rd and 4th years of academic studies. The program consists of a non-compulsory, one-time-only, continuous 12-to-18 month long work period beginning no earlier than May 1st of one year and ending no later than August 31st of the following year. This permits students sufficient time to initiate and to carry out projects of major length and intensity and also offer them the opportunity to perform duties far beyond the expectations of their academic level. Students are placed in an industrial setting closely related to their engineering program. The opportunity to improve communication skills and to cultivate industrial contacts for job opportunities upon graduation is emphasized and actively encouraged. This program has shown phenomenal growth since its inception in 1979 and enjoys the total endorsement of participating industry.

NOTE:  Students who begin a PEY Co-op position starting in January should be aware that this will delay graduation.

Information seminars will occur throughout September, please visit the PEY Co-op web site. All interested students in 1st, 2nd or 3rd year are urged to attend this seminar!

For more information, contact the PEY Co-op Office at 416-978-3881 or 416-978-6649, or visit their office at 222 College Street, Suite 106. The office is located at the Fields Institute, west of the University of Toronto bookstore.

Can I take a course while on PEY Co-op?

The general departmental policy is that students are not supported toward taking courses while working on PEY Co-op as it is perceived as reducing the meaning of the PEY Co-op experience. Taking a course while on PEY Co-op, generally conflicts with the program’s intent.

However, students MAY request approval to take a course while on PEY Co-op if they have failed a 1st or 2nd year course and wish to repeat it during the day while on PEY Co-op – as long as there is no conflict with the intent of the PEY Co-op experience. For example, if a student on PEY Co-op is working on flex time (i.e. on their “own time”) then there would be no conflict and thus would not reduce the PEY Co-op experience. In this situation, students will be asked to submit to the Undergraduate Office, a formal letter of request to take the failed course while on PEY Co-op by e-mailing

IF a student chooses to take a course during PEY, there is a form you will need to fill out and have signed by your supervisor your PEY Co-op work term. This form can be found on the career portal under the resources section. 

In all cases, credit may be retained only if departmental approval has been granted.