Minors and Certificates

To complement academic programs, U of T Engineering undergraduates may pursue minors and certificates. For more information about minors and certificates, please go to their website.  

Completion of an Engineering Minor is subject to the following constraints:

  1. Students must ensure they meet the requirements of the ECE program;
  2. Of the 6 (half year) courses required for the minor, one (half year) course can also be a core course in ECE;
  3. No course that is counted for degree credit can be counted towards more than one minor or certificate;
  4. Either a Thesis or Design course can count for up to two (half year) electives towards the 6 required courses IF the Thesis or Design course is strongly related to the subject area of the minor. This requires approval of the Director of the Minor;
  5. Availability of the courses to complete an engineering minor (including the foundational courses) for timetabling purposes is not guaranteed; the onus is on the student to ensure compatibility with their timetable;
  6. Students must secure approval from the ECE Undergraduate Office before selecting any elective outside the department.

Students are required to complete three courses when pursuing a certificate. They will receive a certificate upon the completion of the required courses, but this it will not appear on student transcripts.

Contact information for minors and certificates:
Sharon Brown, Manager and Student Counsellor
Cross-Disciplinary Programs Office
Location: 44 St. George Street, in the “house” attached to the North end of the Bahen Centre for Information Technology.