Magellan (online course selection tool)

Click here for ECE201’s 2020- 2021 Magellan slides

Magellan is a software tool that has been developed in-house in order to help you plan and verify both your program and CEAB (Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board) requirements.  It was developed in order to make it easy to verify the CEAB requirements as it automatically calculates the academic units (AU’s) when you are building your study plans for 3rd and 4th year. In addition, it will confirm the program requirements at a glance.

MAGELLAN PRE-REGISTRATION (for 2021-2022 courses) ENDS:  January 26, 2021 at 11:59pm EST

 Main profiles will then be *LOCKED until July, exact date TBC.* for preregistration planning.
ECE courses will be uploaded to ACORN timetables for students with valid Magellan profiles.
Magellan: (log in with UTORID and password) / Magellan Manual

 **Main Profiles will be UNLOCKED in July**
CHANGES made to main profiles once UNLOCKED in July
are NOT included in the preregistration process and thus not uploaded to ACORN.

****Click HERE for DETAILED pre-registration information ****

For students returning from PEY Co-op in Fall 2021: 
You must manually shift any courses you may have listed in 2020-2021 to 2021-2022 as courses do not automatically roll over.  Courses listed in the current academic year will overwritten with ‘PEY500’.

ECE COURSE CHANGES for 2020-2021
Please review the course changes as part of your Magellan planning!

How to create a VALID profile for uploading to ACORN

  1. Create a complete profile – This includes a study plan of the required 20 upper year courses for 3rd and 4th year.
  2. Ensure you have taken any required course prerequisites in advance.
  3. Courses that are ‘exclusions’ are not valid and should not be listed.
  4. Select only 5 courses per term: The recommended courses per term would be 4 engineering + 1 CS/HSS.  This is to balance your workload as well as minimize timetable conflicts.  If you have already taken a CS/HSS course in the summer, you would be able to list 5 engineering courses in a term. 
  5.  Your profile must reflect that you will be meeting Graduation Eligibility Requirements, mainly Program and CEAB requirements.    You will eventually be meeting your Practical Experience Requirement (PER) as you build your hours by handing in your PER form(s) or by receiving PEY Credit.
  6. Set up a profile that shows you are eligible to graduate!

Reasons a profile WILL NOT be uploaded to ACORN

  1. You have not set up a complete profile.  A complete profile demonstrates a study plan for your 3rd and 4th years of study.  This plan must show that you have selected the 20 upper year courses that would allow you to meet all graduation requirements.
  2. You have selected courses you don’t have the prerequisites for.
  3. You have selected courses that are exclusions to each other.
  4. You have selected more than 5 courses in a term.  You can only list an additional course(s) if you need to recover a failed course.  Should you wish to take an additional course, you will have to register yourself for the course when ACORN registration opens.
  5. You have not met graduation eligibility requirements mainly Program and CEAB requirements. (Your practical experience requirement (PER) hours will build once you hand in your PER forms or receive Credit for PEY Co-op.)
  6. You have not set up a profile that will allow you to graduate.

Remember to enter course codes correctly!  Magellan will not recognize the course(s) that are not entered in a certain sequence. Below are some helpful hints:

  • Course codes must be in UPPERCASE – example ECE243H1 / ECE496Y1 (three letters, three numbers.
  • Courses are either H courses half year (ie. SOC102H1 F or S) or Y coursesfull year (ie. ANT100Y1 Y) – unless the course is taught at UTM (H5, Y5) or UTSC (H3 or Y3). Full year courses do not get a grade in the fall term but are double weighted in the winter term. H courses may be offered in either the fall or the spring. Y courses start only in the fall term and must be entered this way on Magellan. H courses are equal to 0.5 credit (1 course) and Y courses are 1.0 credit (2 courses).
  • You may notice a course title not appearing on your Magellan profile.  This could be due to various reasons: 1) course code was incorrectly entered 2) course was never taken or asked about by an ECE student 3) course is not considered acceptable to take to fulfill program requirements.  If you cannot correct this error (reason #1), please contact the ECE UG Office so we can look into the course.
  • When selecting sessions to take the course: 9 (fall), 1 (winter) or 5 (summer). For example:
    • 20189 = Fall 2018
    • 20191 = Winter 2019
    • 20195 = Summer 2019


  • Adding a 6th course on Magellan will only inflate AUs and will not provide an accurate representation of your graduation eligibility. Students who add a 6th course to their Magellan profile if not necessary (ie. not needed for recovering a course) will NOT have their profiles added for preregistration. Therefore, if you wish to take 6 courses in a term, do not enter it on Magellan. You are responsible to add that course on ACORN/ROSI when registration opens.
  • After the January 29th deadline, you will not be able to access your Main Profile (which is the profile we use) to make any changes to it.  Only ECE courses on valid Main Profiles will be considered for pre-registration.  You are responsible to add any non-ECE courses to your timetable.
  • Main Profiles will then be UNLOCKED again in July (date TBC). Alternate profiles you create after the deadline will not be used for preregistration.  If you wish to change a course once profiles are locked, you must register for it yourself (space permitting) when ACORN registration opens (July date TBC).  Remember to verify if any course change(s) you may make would still allow you to graduate.  This can be tested by creating an alternate profile on Magellan.
  • CHANGES made to main profiles once UNLOCKED in July are NOT included in the preregistration process. Therefore, any changes you make will not be uploaded to ACORN.  You would be responsible to make your own changes on ACORN in July.
  • Full year courses do not get a grade in the fall term but are double weighted in the winter term.