All forms below (unless otherwise stated) must be returned to the ECE Undergraduate Office, Sandford Fleming Building, B600A for approval.

  • 600 Hours Practical Work Experience – This form will identify you and will provide the name of your employer, your direct manager, hours worked and a detailed job description filled out by you. (Make sure you attach a business card.
  • Course Request Form – For all external technical elective requests, unlisted free elective and HSS/CS requests, and prerequisite waivers. To be submitted in the academic year in which you are taking the desired course only. Form must be approved by the ECE Undergraduate Office prior to the deadline to add a course.
  • Course Work Petition – Effective Summer 2015, all term course work petitions must be submitted through the online petition system, which is accessible through Quercus.  Note:  Term work petitions must be submitted within seven days of the term work in question and include valid documentation.  Visit the Term-Work Petition System Guide.
  • Registration Withdrawal Form – This form is used when students plan to withdraw from the program for a short or extended period of time.  This form must be signed by the ECE Academic Advisor.  Info for Students Withdrawing and/or Re-enrollingPlease refer to this information when withdrawing from and/or re-enrolling back into ECE.