Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity, Academic Responsibility

Ignorance of the rules does NOT excuse cheating or plagiarism.

As academic dishonesty has been surfacing more and more, it has been brought to our attention that many students are unaware of its consequences. We have, thus, provided you with some critical information and it is highly recommended to be read by all students.

Some FAQ’s;

  1. What are academic offences?
  2. If I commit an offence, will I be expelled?
  3. How can I avoid plagiarism?
  4. What if I helped someone else cheat?
  5. What if I’ve already graduated?
  6. What are the rules around group work?
  7. How does a case proceed?

The answers to these questions and much more can be found on the Centre for International Experience’s Quick Guide to Academic Integrity page.

Familiarize yourself with information on the rules, procedures, sanctions and appeals processes involved in cases of cheating, plagiarism and other academic misconduct.