Scholarships & Funding

Faculty-level scholarships

If you are a high school applicant, you are automatically considered for Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering admission scholarships when you apply. Applicants are considered for scholarships on the basis of academic excellence and extracurricular involvement as demonstrated in the Online Student Profile.

If you are a current registered engineering student, you are considered for scholarships after each academic year based on your updated Online Engineering Portfolio.

Learn more details about the scholarship opportunities for undergraduates:

Apply for University-wide scholarships!

You can find them at Awards Explorer.

Online Engineering Portfolio

The Online Engineering Portfolio (ePortfolio) is a place where you can record your extracurricular activities and store your resume. The Scholarships Committee uses this information to help select scholarships and awards. While some are based on academic achievement, others have additional criteria.

You must ensure your ePortfolio is up to date to be considered for scholarships each year:

  • Update period: September to June
  • Final deadline: June 7

Financial aid

If you are a student in need of financial assistance, please know that help is available.

The first step is to connect with a Financial Advisor through the Scholarships & Financial Aid Office. This person is best situated to assess your situation and direct you to the appropriate financial aid programs. They can help you with financial management and budget planning and point out any external and internal scholarships, grants or bursary programs that you are eligible for.

You can book an appointment through the Engineering Portal or by contacting