Computer Labs

Windows Computer Lab — Bahen Building BA3128

Windows computer lab. Laboratory Manager:
George Owen
Office: BA3129


This room offers 40 MS Windows-10 computers that are accessed via each student’s engineering-wide ECF account and password. They are only configured with software that supports specific ECE courses such as Systems Control,Electronics,  Photonics, Microwave and Energy Systems and Robotics.


These PCs are available only to ECE Undergrads or others taking ECE Undergrad courses using the Bahen Labs .

Use the same account that you use to access the Engineering Computer Facility (ECF) Windows-computer labs:

For first-time users, graduates or PHDs taking an ECE Undergrad course you must first activate your ECF account:

Room Access:

Open 24/7 during the Fall & Spring terms – occassionaly reserved for classes on specific days.
(eg. closed Monday 12-3pm for ECE123 during the Fall term)

Main door unlocked 8am-8pm weekdays – students MUST use their T-Card to gain entry after-hours and weekends.

Closed for Christmas/New Years holidays and during summer months for maintenance.



Workstations Labs — GB243, GB251E, SF2102

Linux computer lab. Tim Trant.Workstations Manager:
Tim Trant
Office: GB249


Ths ECE Workstations Labs offer more than 100 linux-based workstations for students enrolled in ECE courses. Software offered includes standard linux utilities, compilers, and internet tools, as well as commercial computer-aided design tools used by ECE researchers. Some workstations are equipped with advanced GPU cards.

Lab hours:

All 4 rooms are open 24/7 during the Fall & Spring terms- some will occassionaly be reserved for classes on specific days. (eg. SF2102 closed Wednesday 3-6pm for ECE456 during the Spring term)

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