Computer Labs

Windows Computer Lab — Bahen Building BA3128

Windows computer lab. Laboratory Manager:
George Owen
Office: BA3129


This room offers 40 MS Windows-10 computers that are accessed via each student's engineering-wide ECF account and password. They are configured with software to only support specific ECE courses: Energy Systems, Electronic Fundamentals, Mathematics, Microwaves, Photonics and Systems Control.


These PCs are available only to ECE Undergrads or others taking ECE Undergrad courses using the Bahen Labs .

Use the same account that you use to access the ECF Windows-computer labs:

For first-time users, Grads or PHDs taking an ECE Undergrad course you must first activate your ECF account:

Room Access:

The room is only open specific times daily for scheduled courses when TAs are present.
It is not available or open afer hours or weekends.

( TAs use their T-Card to gain entry for their classes - contact the lab manager for problems )


The room PCs are available from 7pm-7am using your above account via Remote-Access.



Workstations Labs — GB243, GB251E, SF2102

Linux computer lab. Tim Trant.Workstations Manager:
Tim Trant
Office: GB249


Ths ECE Workstations Labs offer more than 100 linux-based workstations for students enrolled in ECE courses. Software offered includes standard linux utilities, compilers, and internet tools, as well as commercial computer-aided design tools used by ECE researchers. Some workstations are equipped with advanced GPU cards.

Lab hours:

All 4 rooms are open 24/7 during the Fall & Spring terms- some will occassionaly be reserved for classes on specific days. (eg. SF2102 closed Wednesday 3-6pm for ECE456 during the Spring term)

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