Survey Section IV

The purpose of guaranteed funding is to cover a student’s tuition & fees for the academic year, as well providing a stipend on top of these fees. Historically, the September instalment of the ‘student fellowship’ portion of a student’s guaranteed funding (the ECE Dept. contribution) has been paid out as a credit in the student’s financial account on ACORN instead of directly paying down any outstanding tuition & fees. If direct deposit has been set up, this credit is typically automatically paid out to the student’s bank account.

To streamline the process of paying tuition & fees, and to support students in budgeting, going forward ECE is considering paying the Sep. instalment of the ‘student fellowship’ directly towards any outstanding Fall session tuition & fees. If the value of the instalment is greater than the total Fall session fees, the remainder would be paid out as credit (automatically paid out to the student’s bank account if direct deposit has been set up). This is already the practice for all other ‘student fellowship’ instalments paid throughout the year.

Because the total ‘student fellowship’ amount for most students is greater than their total tuition & fees for the year, most students will no longer have to worry about saving money to pay their outstanding tuition & fees before service charges begin accruing in May (presuming they have registered without payment on the basis of a graduate funding package).

The ‘research fellowship’ portion of a student’s guaranteed funding (the supervisor contribution) would continue to be paid out directly to a student’s bank account via direct deposit.

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