• Bio-imaging
  • Bio-sensing

Researchers: Levi, O., Mojahedi, M., Aitchison, J.S., Sargent, E.H., Herman, P.R.

Fibre optics.

Fibre Optics

  • Fibre-optic sensing
  • Fibre-optic metrology
  • Lab-on-a-fibre
  • Optical communication network
  • Quantum communication over fibre

Researchers: Qian, L., Pavel, L., Lo, H.K., Herman, P.R., Aitchison, J.S.

Integrated optics.

Integrated Optics

  • High-speed optical transmitters and receivers
  • 2.5D and 3D electronic-photonic integration
  • Nano-scale optical modulators
  • Short-reach computer communications
  • Photonic and optical coatings
  • Single nanowire and quantum-dot-based laser development

Researchers: Poon, J., Kherani, N., Helmy, A., Levi, O., Mojahedi, M., Aitchison, J.S., Herman, P.R., Ruda, H.

Laser Fabrication.

Laser Fabrication

  • Controlling laser-matter interaction physics in glasses
  • 3D laser writing of optical circuits, optofluidics, nanofluidics
  • Structuring ‘smart’ glass: lab-in-fibre, smart catheters, efficient photovoltaics
  • Sub-wavelength focusing for probing and shaping our new nano-world

Researchers: Herman, P.R.



  • Silicon PV (thin Si, thin film Si)
  • Photonic crystals
  • Nanowire-based solar cells
  • III-Vs on Silicon for PV
  • Solution-processed quantum-dot photovoltaics

Researchers: Kherani, N., Sargent, E.H., Ruda, H.



  • Light localization
  • Coupled plasmonic-photonic effects in nanowires

Researchers: Helmy, A., Levi, O., Mojahedi, M., Kherani, N., Ruda, H.

Quantum Photonics.

Quantum Photonics

  • Quantum sources (including entangled photon sources)
  • Quantum cryptography
  • Quantum materials
  • Single photon detectors
  • Silicon quantum photonic circuits

Researchers: Qian, L., Helmy, A., Lo, H.K., Ruda, H., Poon, J.

3D Optical Imaging.

3D Optical Imaging

  • Omni-focus video camera
  • Omni-focus laparoscope
  • Laparoscopic microscope
  • Super-deep 3D imaging
  • Pulfrich effects for amblyopic diagnosis

Researchers: Iizuka, K.