A solid-state device.

Solid-State Devices

Researchers: Sargent, Ng, Voinigescu

  • Nano-materials for energy and sensing (Sargent)
  • Atomic-scale and 2-D crystal transistors (Voinigescu)
  • Silicon and GaN power semiconductor devices (Ng)
A digital circuit board.

Digital Design and Systems

Researchers: Chow, Gulak, Najm, Rose, Sheikholeslami, Veneris

  • FPGA architecture and applications (Chow, Rose, Liu)
  • Mobile device external sensors (Rose)
  • Reconfigurable computing (Chow)
  • Embedded systems (Chow, Liu)
  • VLSI Memory Design and Spintronics (Sheikholeslami)
  • VLSI for Signal Processing (Gulak, Liu)
  • Embedded Memory Design and Application Specific Processor Design (Gulak)

Analog design layout.

Analog Design and Systems

Researchers: Chan Carusone, Genov, Johns, Liscidini, Ng, Sheikholeslami, Voinigescu

Integrated circuit diagram.

Integrated Circuits for Wireless and Wireline Communications

Researchers: Chan Carusone, Gulak, Liscidini, Sheikholeslami, Voinigescu

A biomedical chip.

Biomedical Circuits and Applications

Researchers: Genov, Gulak

  • Implantable and wearable biomedical electronics (Genov, Liu)
  • Brain-chip neural interfaces (Genov, Liu)
  • CMOS biosensors (Genov, Gulak, Liu)
  • Wireless Power and Data Transfer (Gulak, Liu)