Biomedical Engineering Timetable

Biomedical Engineering is one of ECE’s eight research fields; however, ECE offers only a limited number of biomedical engineering courses each academic year. The majority of biomedical engineering courses are offered directly by the Institute of Biomedical Engineering (BME). Please note that the timetable below lists only the courses offered by ECE.

For complete BME timetable and catalogue information, please visit the BME website directly. ECE students can enrol in BME-prefixed and JEB-prefixed courses offered by BME, with some exceptions.

  • Clinical Engineering courses are open to M.H.Sc. students only
  • BME1450H and BME1010Y/1011Y are open only to students who have been admitted to the Collaborative Specialization in Biomedical Engineering

ECE students can enrol in Joint Engineering Biomedical (JEB) courses without submitting an Add Course Form, however an Add Course Form must be submitted to the ECE Graduate Office when enrolling in BME courses (as per

For MEng students, JEB courses count as ECE courses with respect to completing the degree requirements.


Please note that the timetables below are subject to some important notes.

2021 Fall Session

Course CodeSession CodeTitleInstructorDay(s)+TimeRoomStart Date
ECE1774HFSensory CyberneticsW. WongMon
PT473Sept. 13


2022 Winter Session

Course CodeSession CodeTitleInstructorDay(s)+TimeRoomStart Date
ECE1475HSBio-PhotonicsO. LeviWed
3-6 PM
SS1073Jan. 12
JEB1444HSNeural EngineeringB. BardakjianThur
Jan. 13
SMedical ImagingA. NachmanThur
Jan. 13

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