Software & Hardware Engineering

Silicon WaferIn the computer software area students learn the basics of operating system structures, memory management, compilers, middleware, etc. Computers today are designed in conjunction with compiler technology and almost all make use of an operating system—this includes laptops, cell phones and other mobile devices. Students will also study the basics of data structures, programming languages, databases, security, and software engineering.

Potential employers include Intel, AMD, ARM, Microsoft, IBM, ATI, Cisco, Oracle, Sun and many start-up companies.

Students in the computer hardware area will learn the basics of digital design at the gate and system/architectural level. Most people will spend their entire lives no more than one metre away from some type of digital system—laptop, cell phone, tablet, iPod, GPS, auto, controllers, etc. Digital hardware surrounds us all and affords us many emerging opportunities. Students in this area will study computer hardware, computer architecture, VLSI systems and digital systems design.

Employers include OEM Silicon, Intel, Gennum, PMC-Sierra, AMD/ATI, Altera, Xilinx and many start-ups.