Mobile Applications Lab featured in TechVibes

June 25, 2013

Photograph of Professors Aarabi and Rose
Professors Aarabi (left) and Rose (right).

Canada’s first laboratory for mobile app development is grabbing headlines in Monday’s issue of TechVibes, one of the country’s top tech news websites.

The Mobile Applications Lab, founded in late 2011 by ECE professors Parham Aarabi and Jonathan Rose is a facility unique to the Edward S. Rogers Sr. Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering. It houses dedicated stations for app exploration, simulation and testing for both iOS and Android operating systems, and is open to all U of T students, employees and faculty interested in mobile app research.

“Two years ago, we realized the opportunity with mobile and we’re just beginning to see its impact on society and academia,” says Aarabi in the TechVibes piece. “So we thought we could have a center where there’d be computers and devices they could test on, and mentors with experience building apps to help them out.”

TechVibes highlights several projects incubating in the lab and focuses on the incredibly cool Extended Touch project, an “iOS app that allows for the creation of virtual interfaces on any flat surface where a mobile device sits” and made its debut at this year’s Design Fair in April.

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