MASc and PhD Emphases

M.A.Sc. and Ph.D. students may complete an optional emphasis in one of the following areas as part of their degree program.

Emphasis in Robotics and Mechatronics

M.A.Sc. and Ph.D. students must successfully complete four courses (2.0 full-course equivalents [FECs]) chosen from at least three of the following groups:

Group 1: Control

ECE 1619H, ECE 1636H, ECE 1647H, ECE 1653H, ECE 1657H, ECE 557H (exclusion: ECE 410H),
MIE 1064H, MIE 1068H

Group 2: Signal and Image Processing

AER 1513H,
CSC 2503H, CSC 2506H, CSC 2515H,
ECE 1511H, ECE 1512H, ECE 516H,
JEB 1433H

Group 3: Dynamics

AER 1503H, AER 1512H, AER 506H,
JEB 1444H,
MIE 1001H

Group 4: Systems Integration

AER 1514H, AER 525H (exclusion: ECE 470H),
ECE 1373H, ECE 1460H, ECE 532H,
MIE 1070H, MIE 1071H, MIE 1809H, MIE 505H, MIE 506H

Emphasis in Sustainable Energy

M.A.Sc. and Ph.D. students must successfully complete:

  • At least three half-courses (1.5 full-course equivalents [FCEs]) from the course lists below.
  • A thesis in an area of relevance to sustainable energy with approval of the Institute of Sustainable Energy steering committee.

Core Courses

APS 1032H,
MIE 515H, MIE 1120

Elective Courses

AER 507H, AER 1304H, AER 1315H, AER 1415H,
CHE 568H, CHE 1053H, CHE 1118H, CHE 1123H, CHE 1142H, CHE 1143H,
CIV 575H, CIV 576H, CIV 577H, CIV 1303H, CIV 1307H,
ECE 533H, ECE 1030H, ECE 1055H, ECE 1057H, ECE 1085H, ECE 1086H, ECE 1092H, ECE 1094H,
MIE 516H, MIE 517H, MIE 1128H, MIE 1129H, MIE 1130H, MIE 1240H, MIE 1715H,
MSE 1022H, MSE 1023H, MSE 1028H, MSE 1058H

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