Master of Engineering (M.Eng.)

Please review the degree requirements, specialized courses, ELITE certification, and delivery options for the M.Eng. program.

General Requirements for Degree

1)  Students will enroll in one of eight ECE fields of specialization:

      • Biomedical Engineering
      • Communications
      • Computer Engineering
      • Electromagnetics
      • Electronics
      • Energy Systems
      • Photonics
      • Systems Control

2)  Students must complete nine approved graduate courses:

      • At least six of the nine courses must be technical courses (examples of non-technical course codes: APS, RSM, LAW).
        • At least five of the six technical courses must be ECE courses.
        • At least three of the six technical courses must be in the student’s field of specialization.
        • A maximum of two 500-level courses is recommended.

3)  Students may choose to complete a project (ECE2500Y “M.Eng. Project”) with a value equivalent to three ECE 1000-level courses. Students choosing the project option will be required to complete a total of six courses in addition to the project. In order to pursue the project option, the student must secure a professor who will act as the supervisor throughout the project. The supervisor must hold a graduate faculty appointment in ECE.

      • Students who wish to enrol in a project (ECE2500Y) must complete an Add Course Form, including the signature of the project supervisor, and return the form to the ECE Graduate Office.  Forms may be submitted in person or via email to the ECE Graduate Office.
      • When the Graduate Office receives the form, the project supervisor will be contacted to provide project details.  Once the parameters of the project have been sufficiently reported, the Graduate Office will enrol the student in ECE2500Y on ACORN.

M.Eng.-only Courses

ECE is pleased to offer several industry-oriented courses designed specifically to meet the needs and interests of M.Eng. students:

  • Communications Field
  • Computer Engineering Field
    • ECE1779H Introduction to Cloud Computing (Prof. E. de Lara) (Not Offered in 2015-16)
  • Electronics Field
  • Energy Systems Field
    • ECE1059H Fundamentals of Power-Flow and Modeling in of Electric Power Systems (Prof. M.R. Iravani)
    • ECE1092H Smart Grid Case Studies (Dr. W. Chisholm) (Not Offered in 2015-16)
    • ECE1093H Electrical Insulation Design and Coordination (Dr. W. Chisholm) (Not Offered in 2015-16)
    • ECE1095H Grounding and Bonding (Dr. W. Chisholm)

ELITE Certification

Students may also obtain the M.Eng. degree with ELITE certification. To participate in this special opportunity, students will complete ten approved graduate courses as per the general requirements, including four courses drawn from the ELITE Course Schedule. The ELITE certificate will be issued upon the completion of all ten courses.

Delivery Options

ECE offers three delivery options for the M.Eng. program, part-time, full-time or extended full-time, to suit the goals and circumstances of students.