Course Enrolment Instructions for MEng Students

Please thoroughly review your degree requirementsrelevant deadlines, and the instructions below prior to enrolling in courses.

  • To enrol in a course, students must use ACORN.  A student must be invited to register or registered in order to enrol in courses.
  • Students should not use ACORN for timetable information.  Timetable information for ECE-prefixed graduate courses is available exclusively via the graduate timetable section of the ECE website.
  • Students who wish to enrol in any course that is not an APS, TEP, or ECE-prefixed graduate course must both enrol in the course on ACORN and complete an ‘Add/Drop Course(s)’ Form.  The form must be submitted in person or via email to the ECE Graduate Office for approval at least five business days before the deadline to add courses.
    • In some cases, students may also need approval from the department hosting the course. If a student is blocked from enrolling in a course on ACORN, the student should contact the host department directly to ask about if/how they might be able to enrol in the course.
  • To drop a course, students must use ACORN.
    • Students cannot remain registered if they are not enrolled in an academic activity on ACORN.  Students should consult the ECE Graduate Office before dropping a course if they are not enrolled in any other academic activity, as financial penalties may be incurred.
    • Students should review their degree requirements before dropping a course.
    • No form is required to drop a course if the course is dropped by the deadline.
  • Part-time and extended full-time students must ensure that they are adhering to the session and year course-load limits associated with their delivery option.
  • Students who wish to enrol in a project (ECE2500Y) must complete an ‘Add/Drop Course(s)’ Form, including the signature of the project supervisor, and return the form to the ECE Graduate Office. Forms may be submitted in person or via email to the ECE Graduate Office.
    • When the Graduate Office receives the form, the project supervisor will be asked to provide a detailed project syllabus. Once the parameters of the project have been approved, the Graduate Office will enrol the student in ECE2500Y on ACORN.